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Common Misconceptions About Buying a Barbados Property

Posted on Mon June 24, 2024 | By Terra Luxury
A quaint Barbados property on the edge of the beach with views of the sand, ocean, and tall palm trees.
Don’t let the misinformation out there keep you from moving to Barbados. We’ll dispel common misconceptions about buying a Barbados property.

5 Reasons To Consider Buying Property in Barbados

Posted on Thu May 23, 2024 | By Terra Luxury
Ocean view of a row of luxury homes in Barbados surrounded by palm trees, blue skies, and stunning crystal waters
If you’re looking for your next great home, beach house, or real estate investment, then here are five reasons to consider buying property in Barbados.

How Much Rent Can You Afford for Your Barbados Property

Posted on Tue April 02, 2024 | By Terra Luxury
How Much Rent Can You Afford for Your Barbados Property
If you want to rent your property in Barbados, you’ll need to determine a rental price. We’ll discuss how much rent you can afford for your Barbados property.

The Luxury List 2024

Posted on Thu February 29, 2024 | By Terra Luxury

Dive into a world of sophistication as we unveil a curated selection of the most captivating luxury properties currently gracing the Barbados market.

Tips To Find the Right Rental Property in Barbados

Posted on Mon February 19, 2024 | By Terra Luxury
It’s important to know which steps to take when looking for Barbados rental properties. Here are tips to find the right rental property in Barbados.


A Brief Look at the Benefits of Island Life

Posted on Tue February 06, 2024 | By Terra Luxury

Are you dreaming of a slow-paced, relaxed lifestyle full of culture and luxury? We’ll take a brief look at the many benefits of island life.

What Is the Barbados ECA and Why Is It Important?

Posted on Wed December 13, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
What Is the Barbados ECA and Why Is It Important?

If you're buying or selling property in Barbados, it's essential to understand the ECA. Here, we'll discuss what the Barbados ECA is and why it's important.

Buying Homes Overseas vs. Domestic: What’s the Difference?

Posted on Mon December 04, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Buying Homes Overseas vs. Domestic: What’s the Difference?

Are you trying to decide between buying a home locally or overseas? We’ll explain the difference between the two options to help you make a suitable decision.

Family-Friendly Fun in Barbados Everyone Can Enjoy

Posted on Thu October 26, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Family-Friendly Fun in Barbados Everyone Can Enjoy
Are you planning a trip to the stunning island of Barbados and looking for things to do? Here is a list of family-friendly fun in Barbados everyone can enjoy.

Interior Design Trends Barbados Home Buyers Are Sure To Love

Posted on Mon October 16, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Interior Design Trends Barbados Home Buyers Are Sure To Love

If you're buying a home in Barbados, you'll want to design it to meet your needs. Here are interior design trends Barbados home buyers will love.

4 Reasons Why Barbados Is the Best Place To Retire

Posted on Mon July 31, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
4 Reasons Why Barbados Is the Best Place To Retire
Once you’re ready to retire, you likely want to spend your golden years in an ideal location. Here are four reasons why Barbados is the best place to retire.

Signs It's a Good Time To Sell Your House

Posted on Mon June 05, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Signs It's a Good Time To Sell Your House
Deciding to sell your home can be daunting, but this post might make your decision easier. Consider the signs it might be a good time to sell your house.


Why Long-Term Home Rental Is Better Than Short-Term

Posted on Mon May 22, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Why Long-Term Home Rental Is Better Than Short-Term
Renting a property is an exciting experience, but you might not know your choices. Consider why long-term rentals are better than short-term options.

Things You Didn’t Know Can Lower Your Property Value

Posted on Mon May 15, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Things You Didn’t Know Can Lower Your Property Value
You may know a few things that can boost your property value, but factors that can lower it aren’t as well-known. Check out a few disadvantageous features.

Tips To Find Houses in a Slow Real Estate Market

Posted on Thu April 27, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Tips To Find Houses in a Slow Real Estate Market
Buying a home is extremely exciting, but the market is a crucial factor. Consider a few helpful tips for buying a home in a slow buyers’ real estate market.


The Right Time To Buy Luxury Real Estate

Posted on Mon March 06, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Discover the best time to invest in luxury real estate for a good outcome.

Things To Consider Before Selling Your Home

Posted on Fri February 17, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Selling your home can be exciting and nerve-racking, but it’s sometimes necessary. Check out these things to consider before selling your house.

4 Things You Didn’t Know About Renting Homes in Barbados

Posted on Mon February 06, 2023 | By Terra Luxury
Renting a house can be an interesting experience, but it doesn’t look the same everywhere. Check out a few things you may not know about renting in Barbados.

Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted the Barbados Real Estate Market

Posted on Mon September 26, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
The Caribbean is an incredible place to be, but it does rely on tourism for revenue. Consider the ways the global pandemic impacted the Barbados housing market.

5 Interior Design Tips for Your Luxury Barbados Property

Posted on Thu September 15, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
5 Interior Design Tips for Your Luxury Barbados Property
Whether you're living there or renting it out, your Barbados property should appeal to the eye. Consider these interior design tips for decorating your space.


Ways To Maintain Your Beachfront Property’s Curb Appeal

Posted on Wed August 31, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
There’s nothing better than having a beach house, but it’s easy to let curb appeal go by the wayside. Explore a few ways to maintain beachfront curb appeal.

What Makes a Property Listing Engaging to Homebuyers

Posted on Thu August 18, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
Many potential buyers look at online listings to determine what they want in a home. As a seller, knowing how to make your property appealing is essential.


5 Tips To Keep in Mind When Negotiating a Sale

Posted on Tue August 02, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
5 Tips To Keep in Mind When Negotiating a Sale
The home-buying process can be challenging to navigate, but negotiating can make it easier for you. Explore these essential tips for negotiating a home sale.


What To Know About the Barbados Luxury Real Estate Market

Posted on Mon July 25, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
Barbados is a popular Caribbean island, and the ultimate destination for sunshine and clear waters. Here’s everything you should know about the housing market.

When Is the Right Time To Sell Your Barbados Property?

Posted on Tue July 12, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
When Is the Right Time To Sell Your Barbados Property?
Whether you’re moving away or looking for an upgrade on the island, selling your Barbados home is no small feat. Discover the right time to sell your property.

Apartment or House: Which Rental Will Work Best for You?

Posted on Thu June 30, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
Living in Barbados is a dream for many people, but knowing how to go about it is challenging. Explore whether an apartment or house rental is best for you.

A Quick Guide to the Major Regions of Barbados

Posted on Wed June 15, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
A Quick Guide to the Major Regions of Barbados
Although the island is relatively small, Barbados has several different regions you should be aware of. The entire island is immensely charming and beautiful.

The History and Meaning of the Flag of Barbados

Posted on Wed June 08, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
The History and Meaning of the Flag of Barbados
The flag of Barbados features a golden yellow block between two royal blue blocks. The flag is more than just a flag: it represents independence.

How To Prepare for a Long-Term Rental in Barbados

Posted on Thu April 21, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
The Barbados Welcome Stamp allows you to stay awhile, but you’ll need a place to call your own. Dive into the long-term rental process in Barbados.

A Brief Look at the 2022 Real Estate Market in Barbados

Posted on Mon April 04, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
A Brief Look at the 2022 Real Estate Market in Barbados
Despite the pandemic, the market in Barbados is on the up and up. As global travel begins to increase again, it’s a hot destination for work or play.

How To Make Your Barbados Property Stand Out On the Market

Posted on Fri March 25, 2022 | By Terra Luxury
While you may know your property is lovely, you must also convince others in order to sell it. Ensure your Barbados listing stands out to buyers.


High vs. Low Season: What’s the Best Time To Rent in Barbados?

Posted on Fri November 19, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
There are a variety of factors that determine which season in Barbados is best for you. Let’s explore some of those factors, from wet weather to crowd size.

Long-Term Rental vs. Buying a Home in Barbados

Posted on Tue October 19, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
Long-Term Rental vs. Buying a Home in Barbados
Renting in Barbados is ideal for those looking to get to know the island, while buying property is a wise investment for those with a love of resort living.

Holidays and Festivals in Barbados

Posted on Wed September 08, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
Holidays and Festivals in Barbados
In Barbados, the celebrations are practically year-round, but these three festivals put the heart of the island front and center for visitors.

The Most Prestigious Areas To Buy a Villa in Barbados

Posted on Mon August 30, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
The Most Prestigious Areas To Buy a Villa in Barbados
There is an incredible variety of landscapes, luxury home styles, and amenities available to you that vastly change as you search different areas of the island.

A Brief Look at the 2021 Barbados Real Estate Market

Posted on Wed August 18, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
A Brief Look at the 2021 Real Estate Market in Barbados
Venturing into the real estate market doesn’t have to become complicated and frustrating. Here’s a brief look at the 2021 Barbados real estate market.

What To Know About the Barbados Welcome Stamp

Posted on Mon August 02, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
What To Know About the Barbados Welcome Stamp
If you can work at the beach, why not take advantage of a digital nomad visa? These are a few things to know about the 12-month Barbados Welcome Stamp.


Villa vs. Mansion: What is the Difference?

Posted on Fri July 16, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
What’s the Difference Between a Mansion and a Villa
Going on vacation should be relaxing, whether it’s with family or friends. Read on here if you want to know the difference between villas vs. mansions.


Architectural Styles Typical of Barbados Homes

Posted on Fri July 02, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
Architectural Styles Typical of Barbados Homes
The architectural styles typical of Barbados homes are rooted in English tradition and enhanced by the island’s unique materials and tropical climate.


Top Ways To Market a Luxury Home

Posted on Wed June 02, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
Top Ways To Market a Luxury Home
A high-end property deserves top-notch visuals and a unique approach. Professional real estate specialists can show you the top ways to market a luxury home.


Qualities To Look for in a Rental Home

Posted on Wed May 12, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
Qualities To Look for in a Rental Home
In exploring luxury properties to potentially rent, there is much to consider. Before signing anything, you want to make sure that it meets all your needs.

Benefits of a Holiday Home in Barbados

Posted on Thu April 22, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
The Benefits of Having a Holiday Home in Barbados

Having property on a tropical island offers many benefits. Especially during certain times of the year, it may be fun to change up your location.

What Luxury Home Buyers Want Most

Posted on Fri April 16, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
Those who live the life of luxury have specific standards regarding the homes they choose to live in. Knowing what draws those with an opulent eye is key.


The Best-Priced Luxury Homes in Barbados

Posted on Mon March 22, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
The Best-Priced Luxury Homes in Barbados
Barbados is a Caribbean island and independent British Commonwealth nation located right outside the hurricane belt above South America, below Puerto Rico.

Reasons To Rent a Home in Barbados

Posted on Mon March 08, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
Reasons To Rent a Home in Barbados
After staring down the four walls of your current home for much longer than expected during the pandemic, consider these reasons to rent a home in Barbados.

A Guide to Buying Land in Barbados

Posted on Mon March 01, 2021 | By Terra Luxury
Your dreams of building a home in a tropical paradise could come true in Barbados—as long as you plan ahead. Here’s a guide to buying land in Barbados.

Choosing a Barbados Real Estate Agent | Terra Luxury

Posted on Thu February 11, 2021 | By Terra Luxury

Terra Luxury is a reputable company staffed with professional Barbados estate agents. We’ll help sell your Barbados property quickly—and for the right price.

Tips for Selling Luxury Real Estate | Terra Luxury

Posted on Thu January 28, 2021 | By Terra Luxury

When selling luxury real estate, enlist the help of a real estate professional to bring you serious potential buyers while protecting your privacy.

Top Reasons To Work From Barbados

Posted on Wed January 13, 2021 | By Terra Luxury

The beginning of the year is always kind of tough, but the beginning of the year coming off 2020 is a whole new feeling. A lot of people are currently working remotely, as their jobs have found ways around meeting in person. After stay at home guidelines lift, many jobs will likely keep their remote work options for their employees, as there are many benefits to this approach. Following the top reasons to work from Barbados will give you the push you need to sustain yourself while enjoying the Caribbean dream life.

Tips for Buying a Luxury Home | Terra Luxury Barbados

Posted on Thu December 17, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Achieving wealth creates new opportunities. Buying a luxury home in a tropical locale, such as Barbados, offers a lavish life with a gorgeous backdrop.

How To Define Luxury Real Estate

Posted on Fri December 04, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Own a piece of luxury real estate by reaching out to us at Terra Luxury. We offer beautiful, jaw-dropping properties that you can experience and enjoy.

The Welcome Stamp

Posted on Thu November 26, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

The Welcome Stamp was the first digital nomad visa offering qualified individuals and families the opportunity to live and work in Barbados for up to 12 months.

September Wrap Up

Posted on Fri October 09, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

September was a busy month for closing sales as our team closed 15 transactions.

Property Spotlight - Palm Sanctuary

Posted on Thu October 01, 2020 | By Terra Luxury


Stunning, Palm Sanctuary is a modern home in Apes Hill offering sea and country views.

Work From Barbados

Posted on Wed September 09, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Find Your On-Island Home Office

Looking to relocate to Barbados? With the introduction of the 12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp, you can work remotely for up to a year in one of our properties. Choose from a wide selection of villas, houses, apartments, and townhouses across the island.

Visit our bespoke website:

12 Month Barbados Welcome Stamp

Posted on Fri August 28, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

A reputable leader in the market and experts in Barbados long-term rentals, The Terra Group, comprising of Terra Caribbean, Terra Luxury and Blue Sky Luxury have launched a comprehensive relocation guide suited to non-nationals looking to work remotely for up to a year on island.

Property Spotlight - Marsh Mellow

Posted on Wed July 01, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Mark Mellow Villa

Offering unmatched panoramic views of the island's pristine west coast and a unique architectural design, Marsh Mellow is the symbol of luxury living. 

Property Spotlight - Firefly, Sugar Hill

Posted on Thu June 11, 2020 | By Terra Luxury


 This 5 bedroom villa within Sugar Hill boasts stunning sea views, a large swimming pool, and beautifully landscaped gardens with exotic fruit trees. 

Property Spotlight - Beam Reach

Posted on Thu June 04, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Set on just over 20,000 square feet of beautifully landscaped gardens Beam Reach is just a stroll away from the beloved Mullins and Gibbs Beach. 

Interest "Rising" In Real Estate

Posted on Thu May 21, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Terra Feature In Nation News

Our CEO Andrew Mallalieu and Partner at Knight Frank in the UK disucss in a Nation News article, real estate and its future in an uncertain market. 

Property Spotlight - Toubana

Posted on Thu May 07, 2020 | By Terra Luxury


A wonderful place to call home, Toubana is a wonderfully styled 3 bed/ 3.5 bath semi-detached townhouse situated in the Sugar Hill tennis resort along the west coast of the island. Looking on to open green spaces, Toubana also enjoys spectacular sea views.  

Property Spotlight - Hibiscus, Merlin Bay

Posted on Fri May 01, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Pool View From Hibiscus

One of only 8 villas within the private enclave of Merlin Bay at The Garden, St. James. Boasting direct access to a wonderful sandy beach and swimming cove, Hibiscus also has its own private plunge pool and access to a huge shared pool and its surrounding deck. 

Property Spotlight - Bluff House & Cottage

Posted on Thu April 16, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Experience double the luxury at the enchanting Bluff House and its Cottage - nestled on over an acre of mature, serene gardens and boasting an enviable Sandy Lane address. 

Property Spotlight -Villa Des Anges

Posted on Wed April 08, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Villa Des Anges1

Just a short stroll away from a quiet sandy beach on the Caribbean Sea via a private pathway, Villa Des Anges is a beautifully styled, spacious, upscale home on the west coast of the island of Barbados.

Monkey Manor, Royal Westmoreland

Posted on Fri March 20, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Elegant and contemporary in design, Monkey Manor is set within the exclusive Royal Westmoreland community. Sitting on just under one acre, this stunning villa is located at the top of Palm Ridge with views of the Caribbean Sea from the first floor. The main house opens through a 25 ft.-ceiling foyer to an open-plan layout with marble floors, coral render, vaulted tray ceilings and intricate details.


Shamal, Royal Westmoreland

Posted on Mon March 02, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Located within the exclusive world-class Royal Westmoreland Resort, Shamal enjoys extreme privacy with stunning golf course views and a window to the sea. Lined with palm trees and beautifully landscaped gardens, the driveway lends for a picturesque entrance to the home.

Barbados - The Caribbean's Long-Time Favourite

Posted on Fri February 14, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Exciting news! Our partners at Knight Frank have just released their International Property Digest featuring Barbados and it is definitely a real estate ‘must read!’

Be Mesmerized by Morpheus House

Posted on Fri January 24, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Located on the exclusive ridge of Jasmine Heights, Morpheus House exudes modern luxury and elegance. Sitting on over 34,000 sq.ft. of land the home commands uninterrupted golf course views over the 15th green with breathtaking ocean views beyond.

The Luxury List 2020

Posted on Mon January 06, 2020 | By Terra Luxury

Make your Barbados stay permanent! Explore The Luxury List 2020 to find the finest properties the island has to offer. No matter your preference, you'll find what you're looking for here. View online today or grab your very own copy from the offices of Terra Caribbean or Terra Luxury.

'Tis The Season

Posted on Wed December 11, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

For most, Barbados is the definition of relaxation as visitors from all over flock to the island to enjoy our crystal-clear waters and warm sunny weather. However, this season, we have so much more to offer. ‘Tis the season of giving and this year the island sure has a lot to give.

The Mews

Posted on Wed October 30, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

Tucked away in the popular community of 2nd street in Holetown, St. James, you’ll find The Mews. The ‘not so typical’ restaurant showcases a unique layout that’s a true time capsule of traditional Barbadian architecture and its preservation allows for guests to sit in a truly quaint environment.

Better Than Beachfront

Posted on Wed October 02, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

Marsh Mellow

Barbados’s marketing as a Tourism destination focuses on white sand beaches and crystal-clear blue water, but did you know that just a stone’s throw away from those sandy beaches are lush tropical gardens, ridge top locations that offer panoramic views and expansive property lots?

Eco Lifestyle & Lodge

Posted on Thu September 19, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

eco 1

Nestled on the hillside of the rustic East Coast of Barbados, ECO Lifestyle & Lodge provides you with a unique opportunity to venture off "the beaten path."

Sundays at the Cliff Beach Club

Posted on Thu September 05, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

Cliff Beach Club 1

Take a well-deserved trip to paradise at the Cliff Beach Club in Barbados. We at Terra Luxury want to help you get away and enjoy yourself in luxury.

The Who’s Who

Posted on Wed June 19, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

TL Women

Terra Luxury is commandeered by a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who make sure that the expectations surrounding premium living on an island are met and surpassed. Today, we introduce you to the who’s who of Terra Luxury team. 

Be Amazed by Aurora

Posted on Thu May 16, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

An exquisite Larry Warren design, Aurora is located on an extremely desirable lot within the exclusive Sandy Lane Estate on the West Coast of the island. 


Trending Now: The Fabulous Five

Posted on Fri April 12, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

Barbados has an extremely reputable brand when it comes to luxurious island living, and it is always punctuated by villas as the ultimate luxury home. They are usually contemporary homes with an unmistakable, and very chic, flair, that nestle perfectly and harmoniously within their natural surroundings. Therefore, if you are considering owning a luxury villa, we present to you five of the most spectacular villas on our luxury property portfolio.

A Friday Spent With Knight Frank

Posted on Fri April 05, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

Andrew -Knight Frank

Andrew Blandford-Newson of our London-based affiliate Knight Frank met up with our agents recently to tour a few properties. Take a listen as he gives us his insights into why you should choose Barbados for your next luxury real estate purchase.

All Aboard At St. Nicholas Abbey

Posted on Thu February 14, 2019 | By Terra Luxury


Nestled almost perfectly north-north east along the island’s Atlantic coast, St. Nicholas Abbey has recently heralded some exciting news that has noticeably boosted its ‘must-see’ status.

An Island Tradition - The Holetown Festival

Posted on Wed February 06, 2019 | By Terra Luxury


Get the family ready to experience the biggest cultural spectacle on the island’s west coast. 

Named after the west coast’s flagship town, this year’s Holetown Festival runs from February 10th through 17th and promises to be as exciting and entertaining as ever. Be sure to capture this endearing showcase of snippets of the island’s culture.

The Rum Vault: Explore the Essence of Rum

Posted on Wed January 30, 2019 | By Terra Luxury


The birthplace of rum now has its first vault for aficionados and connoisseurs of local and international rums. October 2018, Colony Club by Elegant Hotels launched its Rum Vault, which is described as the perfect place to have an intimate immersion into ‘the art, science and history of rum production.

A Look Inside - Coral Sundown

Posted on Wed January 23, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

coral sundown

Take a leisurely stroll through the stunning vacation home of music legend Sir Cliff Richard!

Another K9&Friends Season

Posted on Fri January 18, 2019 | By Terra Luxury



Ending the Christmas season on a truly successful note, Terra Luxury once again paired up with the well-known charity; K9 & Friends to help host one of the island’s most coveted events. 

The Luxury List 2019

Posted on Thu January 10, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

The Luxury List 2019

Introducing The Luxury List 2019!

Peruse some of the most luxurious homes the island of Barbados has to offer. From villas to condos, the Luxury List highlights prime living options to date. View online or grab your very own copy from Terra Carribean today!

A Luxury Real Estate Minute - Episode 2

Posted on Wed January 09, 2019 | By Terra Luxury


For those looking to add another home to their property portfolio or looking to relocate to Barbados, the options are endless and now is the perfect time to decide. Our Sales Manager Rachel Edwards explains the costs associated with purchasing said home in the latest episode of ‘A Luxury Real Estate Minute.’ Watch it here!

2019: The Year of Real Estate Resolutions

Posted on Wed January 02, 2019 | By Terra Luxury

Happy New Year one and all!

It’s a new year - and a good year - for considering property prospects in Barbados. As 2018 gives way to 2019, the buyers’ market trend persists, making for the perfect time to work towards your real estate resolution. 

We Wish You a Canine Christmas!

Posted on Fri December 21, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

K9 Christmas 2018

Christmas isn’t Christmas without the K9 Friends Barbados Charity Auction! The charity, which is synonymous with the festive season, continues to benefit the island’s furry residents by epitomizing the spirit of the season as locals and visitors patronize in the spirit of giving!

Top 5 Properties This Week

Posted on Mon December 17, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Schooner Bay 305

Island living is irresistibly sweet on its own; but when paired with the interiors, amenities, and views of these 5 amazing properties, it becomes that much more decadent. 

For the Love of Beach

Posted on Tue December 04, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Life on the beach in Barbados is more than swaying palms trees, balmy breezes and lounging the day away - it is about decadent eats, excellent drinks, friends and everything else that warms the soul. So, let us introduce you to some of the newest spots to experience the magic of Barbadian beach life.

Independence Celebrations in Barbados!

Posted on Wed November 28, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Barbados Independence 2018

What’s your favourite number? Why you might ask? Well this year, Barbados’ favourite number is 52 and here’s why - on November 30, as the clocks strike midnight, Barbados’ 52nd year of Independence will officially begin! This month, the most Barbadian of Barbadian sights, tastes and sounds are on display across the island, culminating with an extravaganza of activities on the last day! Let’s take a look at the day’s events as we invite you to participate in whatever your heart desires!

Ushering in the Winter Season

Posted on Wed November 21, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Knight Frank Affiliate Edward de Mallet Morgan

We’re excited to welcome Edward de Mallet Morgan from our affiliate Knight Frank to Barbados ahead of the upcoming winter season. He will be meeting with our agents, checking out our newest luxury listings and planning for the upcoming season.

Port St. Charles: Lagoon Luxury

Posted on Tue November 13, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

View from Port St. Charles. Barbados

In 1996, ground was broken just metres away from the sleepy fishing village of Six Mens in Heywoods. While the area was known as a spot for the local fisherfolk to meld with beach lovers and recreation seekers, a new landscape was about to be ushered in. By 1998, the coast - and skyline - of the iconic area skirting along Speightstown’s north would be forever changed. The Port St. Charles Marina was now complete.

A Luxury Real Estate Minute - Episode 1

Posted on Thu November 01, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Terra Luxury Barbados Real Estate Video

To kick off our new series ‘A Luxury Real Estate Minute’ - our agent Karyn Fakoory answers one of the most asked questions she gets from clients: ‘How do I get my property listed for sale?’ Watch the video for more insight!

Look out for more of these videos coming soon! If you have any questions for our agents, simply let us know!

When Luxury Makes a Statement

Posted on Mon October 29, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

For those in the market for a luxury home, there are many factors that contribute to making a house a home. But, besides lush gardens, beautiful views, pool decks and space for the tots to run free, keep an eye out for those unique features that will transform your space into an experience that is authentically yours. From cultural gems, to art pieces and architectural wonder, the homes below are sure to make a lasting impression with their statement features!

Great News from Clearwater Bay!

Posted on Mon October 01, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Something else is on the cards for the lucky prospective owner of the lots at Clearwater Bay!

In addition to perfectly turquoise waters and breathtaking views, the property has recently welcomed a neighbour in the island’s latest - and anticipated to be one of the trendiest - beach bars on the west coast - La Cabane!

Take a virtual tour of The St. James!

Posted on Tue September 18, 2018 | By Terra Luxury
The luxury condos at The St. James are now complete! Have a first look at the newest beach side addition on the platinum coast of Barbados. 2 sold, 2 remaining: The Villa at The st. James and The One at The. St. James. Each feature a breathtaking contemporary design

Top Ten Condos for September

Posted on Thu September 06, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Condo living really is the new chic, and the picturesque views, modern designs and contemporary décor that have become synonymous with condos makes it hard to deny. While detached homes are still en vogue, there is just something about the charm of living within an exclusive community of like-minded persons that is highly appealing to prospective buyers. So, we’re continuing our September tradition by presenting to our readers and clients the top ten condos of the month!

The Top 5 Properties This Week!

Posted on Wed August 15, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

The Terra Luxury property market caters to the niche luxury property market in Barbados. A continued partnership with leading global property firm, Knight Frank, strengthens Terra Luxury’s international reach, reinforcing the exclusivity of its clients’ luxury homes and extending its services to discerning clients worldwide who aspire to own an exquisite property in Barbados. This week, we share with you our Top 5 Listings for the week, with valuable agents insight on just what makes each luxury property, perfect in its own way!

Special Development Areas Act

Posted on Thu July 26, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

The Special Development Areas Act sets out
the designation of special development areas and provides relief for approved developers constructing or improving a building or structure in those areas and to persons financing such work (other than a commercial bank).

Residential Building Costs and Recorded Building Starts

Posted on Wed July 25, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Building starts provide an accurate method in determining the level
 of economic activity in the construction industry.

The Tradition of Luxury

Posted on Wed April 11, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Pollards Mill

Within the context of real estate, Barbados is steeped in a history of sugar cane estates and a style of countryside living that served as an ode to mother nature. The signature of luxurious living was defined as stately homes trimmed by towering palm trees and other lush vegetation, while the structures themselves bore an appearance in-keeping with the soul of Georgian-, Jacobean- and Victorian-era architecture and the Palladian style. In addition, the interiors were often very spacious, with a dominance of coral stone and wooden trims and accents.

Holetown Festival 2018

Posted on Fri February 09, 2018 | By Terra Luxury

Holetown Festival: The festival commemorates the landing of the first settlers to Barbados at Holetown, St. James in February 1627. It's now in its 42nd year.

Highlights of the festival include a street fair, the beating of the Retreat by the colourful Barbados Defence Band Zouave Band, a Floodlit Tattoo parade by the Royal Barbados Police Force and the Mounted Police, many music concerts, lectures on and tours of Holetown, exhibitions, and a street parade that features among other things vintage and classic cars.

Mark the dates! Dated: February 11th – 18th

The Musical Talents of Kevan Sahai

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A fetching voice, and interesting journey and a penchant for making a lasting impression - this is the essence of the man of the moment. His name is Kevan Sahai, and it is a brand that has already preceded the man and is on its way to joining an esteemed list of self-taught masters of the art - a rare and privileged breed that have been naturally gifted by the omnipotent.With a passion and a guitar, a 16-year-old Kevan decided to make music his calling. Three years later, he made a decision that would be considered taboo by the average Barbadian youngster.

Dining in Barbados is a MUST in 2018!

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There is never a dull moment when it comes to dining in Barbados. With a diverse offering of restaurants that rivals the allure of its gorgeous beaches, introducing Barbados as the culinary capital of the Caribbean is no understatement. The island is home to a plethora of culinary experiences that are steeped in a blended heritage with a dash of international decadence, and the foodie paradise continues to raise the bar every year! From colourful cocktails to five courses of pure ambrosia, there is always something new instore for food lovers in Barbados.

Four Paws Up for K9 and Terra!

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The team at Terra Luxury has recorded another success through their partnership with the K9 Friends Barbados Charity as sponsors of a cause aimed at funding and facilitating all local canine welfare organizations.

Opening to great anticipation, Barbados’ furry friends took the spotlight at the K9 Friends Barbados Charity auction on December 23, at the lovely Apes Hill Country Club. The evening was a grand showing of spirit and humanity as over 300 persons - both visitors and locals - came together for the charitable cause.

Hugo’s Restaurant Barbados

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Feast your eyes and tastebuds on the enticing menu at Hugo’s Restaurant in Barbados. When you arrive, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable dining experience.

It's Independence!

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Yes, Barbados is a popular vacation destination. But, the tiny nation has a deeper relevance for over 280,000 persons who have the birthright to call the island their native home. Each November, this national pride shines through, and a uniquely Barbadian showmanship gets underway in celebration of the island’s Independence.

November + Barbados: A Festival for Foodies

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Photo compliments

It will be culinary Christmas for all local and visiting foodies this November when the sights, sounds, tastes and aromas of the Barbados Food & Rum Festival fill the air! To read more, click to see full blog on our Terra Caribbean website.

Regal Residences: The Royal Apartments

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Located within the most revered gated golfing community on the island, the Royal Apartments are a modern addition to the traditional residences that have become the signature of the Royal Westmoreland estate.

10 Hottest Homes for September!

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Luxurious properties are what we do best, and this September, the team at Terra Luxury has decided to pull together the top ten luxury homes for the season. Browse our list below and view properties ranging from extraordinary homes with exquisite views of the west coast, to modern homes with views of stunning rolling greens flowing through the island’s top golf courses. We just can’t stop talking about these properties for September!

Barbados Restaurant Week

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Barbados is home to several great eateries


Living in Barbados means waking up to warming sunshine, deep breaths of fresh island air and lovely views. But, the island is also known for its enticing food scene, something which has been recognized enough for the island to earn the title of culinary capital of the Caribbean. From Indian, Brazilian and Thai cuisine to Greek and some of the most scrumptious sushi dishes, Barbados is a melting pot of flavours that are sure to woo any foodie.

Our Condo Indexes & Update on the 2016/2017 Winter Season

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Understanding market trends when investing in Barbados real estate is key. It’s one of the reasons we developed the Barbados Condo Price Index (BCPI) in 2015. It is the first-ever real estate index published in Barbados, providing you with year-over-year values on beachfront condominiums on the island’s famed West Coast and bustling South Coast. 

Coral Sundown: Home to the Stars

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Nestled within the beautiful private community of Sugar Hill is the ridge-front beauty that is Coral Sundown. Its location and grandiose nature is befitting of a king, and it is no surprise that this property has been the ‘beloved holiday home’ of musical royalty - Sir Cliff Richard.

Apes Hill Wows Again!

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If the unveiling of its gorgeous Country Club house in February was not enough, the Apes Hill community has now revealed its latest additions to its community portfolio - the country club cottages!

The Guys At Porters

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Featured: Porters Great House

Barbados has earned a reputation of offering prospective home owners not only stunning properties with incomparable landscapes and views but also sound investments with boundless possibilities. But according to Andrew Guy, one of the most understated benefits of owning a property in Barbados is the island's unique charm.

Our Top 4 Condos of the Week!

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Our top condos of the week allow for the best type of living arrangement. They provide you with other amenities and facilities outside of the actual condo and give you the privacy and freedom that comes with living in a home. It offers a certain level of security giving you the chance to travel easily without worrying about your home.

Top Luxury Sales

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The 2016/17 winter season has been a challenging one for our UK buyers due to the low rate of Sterling against the US dollar. That said, this challenge has opened the doors for some great opportunities, and our sellers have responded to new market trends in a post Brexit market.

Pollards Mill: The Country Belle

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Charms from the old world and a flair of modernity marry beautifully to create the experience known distinctly as Pollards Mill. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of urban island life, the journey to this cozy 2.47-acre former plantation estate traverses the rural south-eastern part of the island and stops short not far from the border between St. Philip and St. John.

Nikki Beach is Coming!

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We are looking forward to welcoming the iconic Nikki Beach brand to Barbados’ shores.  It will be another wonderful place to play on our island’s renowned West Coast and yet another fantastic reason to live or holiday in Barbados. Global luxury lifestyle and hospitality brand Nikki Beach Worldwide is set to open its 14th location in Port Ferdinand, Barbados at the end of 2017.

A Beach for All Reasons!

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The most obvious perk of living on an island is the beautiful beaches, and the beaches in Barbados are everything - sandy coves, craggy cliffs, glassy waters, churning waves - everything. But, if there is any doubt that Barbados ticks all the boxes when it comes to beachfront living, then let us introduce you to some of our favourite coastal spots that may very well be the future location of your home sweet home.

Oistins Fish Festival This Weekend!

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The biggest event on the island during the Easter weekend is the Oistins Fish Festival. Hosted in the heart of the island’s most celebrated fishing village, the festival pays homage to the island’s fisher folk and their seafaring lifestyle, and features several events that attract the attention of locals and visitors of all ages.

Nikki Beach Hearts Barbados!

Posted on Mon March 27, 2017 | By Terra Luxury

With twelve down, the world’s most popular name in beachside opulence has arrived in the Caribbean-beach lovers’ paradise, and some would argue that there will never be a more natural fit than Barbados and Nikki Beach!

Explore Spring in Barbados

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Spring, Polo and Dining

The winter season has taken lovers of Barbados on a fun filled journey from the historic raceday at the Garrison Savannah to the legendary grounds of Kensington Oval. But, as spring approaches, Barbados blossoms to its prime offering a lively cocktail of its staple beautiful beaches, and a hearty dash of exciting polo action and sumptuous plantation-style dinners.

The Barbados Sandy Lane Gold Cup 2017

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Greensleeves: Quintessential Luxury

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One of a kind.

The best residence in Barbados.

Warm and welcoming.


Facility Management Career Opportunity in Barbados

Posted on Thu September 22, 2016 | By Terra Luxury

We are looking for an energetic and highly motivated individual to fill the role of Facility Manager. If you are self-motivated, flourish in a busy environment, with skills in leadership, ability to think outside of the box and are adept at managing key relationships, we need to talk.

Seeking a Brand Manager

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We are looking for a marketing 'guru' with a fun and energetic personality to take our Blue Sky Luxury brand to the next level! We are a luxury holiday rentals firm with a vast portfolio of villas and condos along the west coast of Barbados, and as the 'brand guardian' you will be tasked with maintaining the intergrity of the brand across all marketing initiatives and communications.

Barbados: An Island of Golf

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To hear the words Barbados, birdie and eagle in the same sentence may seem odd but mundane; but, to the pert ears of those in-tune with the sport, it undoubtedly screams golf. Beyond the bewitching beaches that coerce you to stay waterside when in Barbados, there is another world lying in wait that presents grandiose greens, fantastic fairways and pesky bunkers. There isn’t a truer case of this than on the western seaboard in the parish of St. James, where tee time is any time at three of the most prestigious golf spots on the island - Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland and Apes Hill.

Royal Westmoreland Barbados

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Finding a location with rolling hills and tropical accents is easier than ever. Let’s investigate the history and lifestyle of Royal Westmoreland Barbados.

Apes Hill Club

Posted on Mon July 25, 2016 | By Terra Luxury

The Apes Hill Golf and Polo community is one of Barbados’ newest luxury developments, set high on a ridge with rolling country and coastal views, tropical charm and perfect privacy.


Elevated at an impressive 1000 feet above sea level it enjoys sweeping views of the Caribbean Sea to the West and in many locations the wild Atlantic Ocean to the East, a truly unique vantage point and one of its many draws for those looking to put down their roots in an island valued for its privacy.


Sandy Lane: Exclusive Luxury in Barbados

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Get a once-in-a-lifetime experience by visiting our Sandy Land Estate in Barbados. We at Terra Luxury believe in bringing paradise to you and your loved ones.

Lewis Hamilton takes centre stage for Barbados Festival of Speed

Posted on Mon May 30, 2016 | By Terra Luxury


Racing fans have long hailed Barbados as THE premier destination for the ultimate race experience. The sun, sea and sand make it the perfect holiday destination for the family, while the exciting off-road and islandwide rally events keep the racing enthusiasts energized with thrills, spills and lots of action. With the recent completion of the world class circuit at Bushy Park and the highly publicized addition of internationally acclaimed events such as the Top Gear Festival, Race of Champions and Global Rally Cross, the island can definitely congratulate itself for bringing the world of racing to a whole new cross-section of visitors. (Sun-worshippers and golf enthusiasts, we’re talking to you!)  This is the adrenalin rush you never knew you needed!

Terra Caribbean Launches New Luxury Division to Enhance Luxury Real Estate Service

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 WPX8673 FB

Terra Caribbean is excited to announce the launch of its luxury division, Terra Luxury. Read our blog to learn more about our luxury real estate service.

Barbados Polo

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Cheshire Polo Tour

Barbados is no stranger to polo. Read our blog to learn more about how you can enjoy the excitement this riveting sport brings to Barbados.