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Dining in Barbados is a MUST in 2018!

Thursday, January 11, 2018 | By Terra Luxury
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There is never a dull moment when it comes to dining in Barbados. With a diverse offering of restaurants that rivals the allure of its gorgeous beaches, introducing Barbados as the culinary capital of the Caribbean is no understatement. The island is home to a plethora of culinary experiences that are steeped in a blended heritage with a dash of international decadence, and the foodie paradise continues to raise the bar every year! From colourful cocktails to five courses of pure ambrosia, there is always something new instore for food lovers in Barbados.



Noteworthy Newcomers

As 2017 closed, some exciting prospects arrived on the culinary scene. Now joining the likes of the well-known Fish Pot Restaurant in the north are Hugo’s Restaurant and Nikki Beach. Nestled within the heart of Speightstown on a lovely stretch of beach is Hugo’s, the latest addition to the ever-popular PRIMO Bar & Bistro and Cin Cin by the Sea duo. Opening to rave reviews, Hugo’s has proved true to the quality experience that has become the signature of the family of restaurants. Presently only opened for dinner, the restaurant’s menu features a tantalizing spread including Smoked Duck and Grapefruit, Curried Mussles, Lobster and Clams and Red Quinoa and Goats Cheese. Also opening at the end of 2017 is the internationally acclaimed Nikki Beach. Known for its luxurious blend of international food, music, art, fashion, entertainment and film, Nikki Beach Club lends its signature luxury to create the perfect ambiance for arousing the true opulence that is Barbados’ beachside - and poolside - lounging! Opened for lunch daily, guests to Nikki Beach can enjoy wood-fired pizzas, elaborately presented sushi, sumptuous sandwiches and wraps and the freshest salads. Or, choose to indulge in the raw bar’s caviar, oysters, and ceviches, and follow it all up with an extensive choice of spirits and decadent cocktails that are uniquely Nikki Beach. Away from the north and along the bustling south-coast is another new addition to the island’s dining experience. If you are in the mood for hand-crafted, comfort food, then Salt Café fits the bill and - according to its happy diners - will definitely tickle and treat the taste buds. Indulge in their baos (steamed buns), sweet potato crusted local fish, tuna poke bowl and self-proclaimed ‘banging salads.’


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Flagship Flavours

After indulging in the new comers’ fare, mosey back to the luxurious west coast to enjoy some of the staples of Barbadian fine dining. On the picturesque boardwalk is The Beach House Bar and Restaurant offering the best in Caribbean-Mediterranean fusions. Sharing the same strip of beautiful beach sits Drift Ocean Terrace Lounge, which is the ideal spot for downtime drinks and nibbles in a beach-chic atmosphere. Also, back with a new splendor, is the recently renovated Tides Restaurant, where Lionfish, Home Cured Salmon or succulent Angus Aged Beef satisfy the taste buds. Also, not to be forgotten is Daphne’s and its Italian classics with a distinctly Caribbean twist, and just a few minutes beyond her is the pinnacle of fine dining experiences on the island at The Cliff, and its popular lunch-time additions at the Cliff Beach Club. On exiting the luxurious west coast, Cin Cin by the Sea is always a must, as are Champers, Tapas Restaurant and Buzo Osteria Italiana in the south.

Savoury St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence Gap is a one-stop-shop for vastly different types of food experiences. From the rustic roadside vendors to casual lunch spots, three-course dinners and bar nibbles, the food scene in the Gap is exceptional. Specialties hailing from Brazil, Mexico, China and India are available on the bustling strip, and on the iconic corner on the lower end of The Gap is the fun, stylish, and trendy Cocktail Kitchen that is a must. But, for a chic night out, opt for PRIMO Bar & Bistro, or the hideaway bars such as Castaways and Sharkey’s for a more casual affair.

To be fair, this is only a small portion of notable eateries that doesn’t begin to do justice to the full foodie experience that is Barbados. So, pull up a seat, grab a fork and explore Barbados with your taste buds!

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