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September Wrap Up

Rachel McCartney Leader- Brokerage, shares insights and transactions completed over the month of September
Friday, October 09, 2020 | By Terra Luxury
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Don’t you find that time is flying on by? Soon it will be Christmas and 2020 will finally be over. Probably everyone’s wish is to fast forward to next year. 

September especially – what a whirlwind. It’s been the first month in 5 years that I have been working solo, couple that with team training, Barbados welcome stamp, new projects… it’s surprising that I am still standing or anyone else around me really ;)

September was a busy month for closing sales as our team closed 15 transactions. Inquiries for sales were down about 24% compared to last year at this time, however, showings remained the same. In terms of new sales, it’s been the best month for us since May. Accepted offers from the foreign market were on average about 18% off the asking while local market offers were on average about 7% off the asking. 

Due to the Barbados welcome stamp, we had our best rental billing month in our history. Our inquiry levels were up by 165% and we rented 55% more properties than we did last year at this time. 

Here are some noteworthy deals this month and some of the awesome people involved:

Saint Peters Bay 304 

Beachfront listings can take 18 months to sell…. BUT NOT WITH THESE LADIES. Karyn Fakoory listed this and sold with the help of Betty Cathrow in half the time. 


Polo Gardens 7

Ever sold a home in complete lockdown? These ladies did. This sale was agreed for sale in less than 1.5months of listing the property. Congrats to Lisa Coyle & Laura Rotchell


The Reef

This house has to be one of the sexiest properties I have ever stepped foot in. Cue Laura Rotchell to sweep in (before it could be listed) with her fun client and the deal was done. 



Lisa Coyle said to me … “See Rachel … sometimes a one-month rental can turn into a year” ok Lisa, only this time!


Also just a big shout out to my sister Rosey McCartney who in just one month rented 12 properties in one month. You deserve your vacation. NOW GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER

My parting note to you all this month is to surround yourself with truly good people who have your back through thick and thin. I salute my team for being there for me this month, for helping with my showings and videos and listening to me say “I’m so tired over and over and over”. YOU PEOPLE ROCK!! 

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