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Terra Caribbean Launches New Luxury Division to Enhance Luxury Real Estate Service

Sunday, March 20, 2016 | By Terra Luxury
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“Built on the heritage, knowledge and experience, Terra Luxury caters to the niche luxury property market in Barbados.”

Terra Caribbean, a well-established and reputable real estate leader in Barbados, is excited to announce the launch of its new dedicated luxury real estate division, Terra Luxury. Built on the heritage, knowledge and experience of both Bajan Services and Terra Caribbean, Terra Luxury caters to the niche luxury property market in Barbados. The launch of Terra Luxury is part of an ongoing client-focused strategy at Terra Caribbean to refine and enhance its portfolio of services by providing dedicated teams and resources for each segment of the Barbados real estate market.

The launch was commemorated last night by the Terra Caribbean team, who invited its valued clients and its network of industry professionals to attend a prestigious event at the Villas at Beachlands development site in Holetown, St-James. Beachlands is one of the many luxury properties on the West Coast of Barbados that will be represented by Terra Luxury.

The launch of Terra Luxury coincides with the release of the 2016 Red Book which was written entirely by internal resources, and delivers valuable insights for each market segment. According to findings, recent trophy sales and the construction of super villas in Sandy Lane are helping to enhance overall confidence in the market. Further developments such as the construction of the club house at Apes Hill, and rising sales at Royal Westmoreland are also improving market sentiments.

Terra Luxury is uniquely positioned to enhance the exclusivity of its clients’ luxury homes and extend its services to discerning clients worldwide who aspire to own an exquisite property in Barbados. A continued partnership with leading global property firm, Knight Frank, strengthens Terra Luxury’s international reach. The partnership also mirrors Terra Caribbean’s long-standing knowledge culture, as Knight Frank continues to produce informative publications such as its most recent release of the Wealth Report. 

“Launching Terra Luxury as our new dedicated luxury brand serves to refine our real estate services, resources and knowledge to clients who want to sell, purchase or rent the island’s finest properties,” explains Andrew Mallalieu, CEO at Terra Caribbean. “We are thankful for the ongoing support from our clients, and are committed to continually investing in new initiatives which ultimately help us fulfill our mission— ensuring that our clients feel comfortable and confident to make informed decisions.”

About The Terra Group
The Terra Group offers clients a comprehensive suite of real estate and holiday rental services through its brands Terra Caribbean, Terra Luxury, and Blue Sky Luxury. Dedicated teams and resources serve each segment of the Barbados real estate market, including sales, long-term rentals, facility management, holiday rentals, advisory and valuations. The Terra Group offers clients over 60 years of real-estate experience and a passion for accumulating, banking and then sharing knowledge to ensure that clients feel comfortable and confident making informed decisions. The Terra Group continues to actively invest in knowledge, resources and new initiatives to refine its portfolio of real estate services and to better serve its clients.