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Tips for Staging a Luxury Home

Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Tips for Staging a Luxury Home

Following these tips for staging a luxury home can help you make the most of property photography and show buyers what makes your property the best on their list.

Tell the Entire Story

The property itself is only half of the story when a buyer is looking for a luxury home. Nearby resorts, luxury amenities, and the outdoor view are all aspects that buyers want. You can incorporate the other selling points into the house to tell the property’s entire story.

If life near your home is full of time on the beach, include water paintings and sand décor that put that feature on display. Mountain living is also easy to communicate in a luxury home using natural, dark wood furniture. Additionally, local artwork adds a personal touch to the property while selling buyers the lifestyle associated with the area.

Use Lighting With Purpose

Lighting is a powerful psychological tool when selling a home. The way you light a room can help define its purpose and improve its aesthetic. If you feel the need to replace anything before selling your luxury property, updating the lighting to match your property’s décor should be your top priority.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and other rooms that require us to focus should be well-lit areas. These spaces also often benefit from white light. Rooms meant for relaxing in the evening, such as bedrooms and patios, are perfect for warmer lighting. That said, lighting will also need to match the décor. White counters and lighter walls benefit from bright lights. But darker or more natural spaces seem cheaper when you use white light. By setting the mood of each room, you sell the usability and quality of them all.

Organize; Don’t Sterilize

One of the most challenging aspects of staging a home well is finding a balance. Often, when we live in a space, we find comfort in creating conversational sections and displaying all the things we love. Property staging can turn your current household arrangement on its head.

Among the best tips for staging a luxury home that we can offer is to create open areas that allow buyers to breathe while also providing spaces that already have some functional definition. By including things like art, books, and even table centerpieces, you can lead the narrative and suggest that this home is one that the builders designed to accommodate the residents’ lives. At the same time, you must remove and organize everything else to make the space feel clean and ready for a new family to fill.

If you’re selling property in Barbados, our real estate agents are happy to help you sell your home and show buyers why your unique luxury property is among the best on the market. Our six-step selling strategy focuses on listening to your needs and keeping you informed throughout the entire process. We’re proud to provide a personalized experience and ensure that luxury home buyers worldwide see your property.

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