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Old School vs. New

Thursday, July 11, 2019 | By Jeanie Mahon
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It has been one week since returning to work after having my baby boy, Jak.  Oh, Jak. He has given me so much to think about. One very important thought that he has given me is to be a better agent; the best version of myself possible (as though motherhood isn’t enough!)

In this world of ‘new school’ (post-market crash), business is tough and extremely competitive. Buyers are difficult to find and are very cautious with decision making. While I have only ever known the ‘new school’ world, I am fully aware that the real estate world of ‘old school’ (pre-market crash) existed in a booming market with buyers falling out of the sky.

If there is one thing that I’ve learned during my years of being a property agent is how crucial business development is. Having a solid business development plan and managing that plan well is a key ingredient to achieving the goals I have set for myself. Buyers blowing up the phone lines and flying through the door are now only a dream come true. So how do we find buyers in this market?  There are definitely buyers out there without a doubt - This is a market full of opportunity.

The right mindset is number 1. We must adapt to the changing market. Number 2 is prospecting for business. Prospecting…a huge, huge, huge part of our Terra culture. And dare I say our manager’s favourite word!!! There is always more room for this and I will admit, I could do more prospecting myself. Probably a lot more. And number 3 is referrals. Referrals are like gold. I hold them in the highest regard. I treasure them and I prioritize them. Aside from a referral enhancing my business growth, the best part of a referral is knowing that I did a great job for the person referring. This is the most fulfilling of all.

So in my 'new school’ way of doing business, I’ll ask that if you know me already, please send your referrals my way. I’ll do the best I can to assist, guaranteed. For those of you that don’t know me, I welcome the opportunity to help you whether you are selling, buying or renting. 

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