For the sports enthusiast, active family, or eager spectator, Barbados is brimming with activities and sports events. As Barbados’ National Sport, cricket is the lifeblood of the island. The sport draws professional teams from all over the world to play at the action-packed Kensington Oval.

Avid golfers put their skills to the test at on one of the many exceptional golf courses in Barbados including Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland and Apes Hill, while adrenaline seekers enjoy polo matches, horse races, and many motorsports events throughout the year.

Barbados’ expansive shores invite the most adventurous souls to sail, dive, surf and kitesurf and explore the wonders of the Caribbean Sea.

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Barbados’ Action Packed Summer!

Posted on Tue June 20, 2017 | By Terra Luxury

Summer in Barbados is an exciting time, and it all kicks off with the adrenaline-pumping Rally Barbados!

Who Will Be The King Of The Hill?

Posted on Thu May 25, 2017 | By Terra Luxury

The Caribbean's most anticipated annual motor sport international event is here. Bringing fierce competition between drivers from the Caribbean and UK.


A Beach for All Reasons!

Posted on Wed April 12, 2017 | By Terra Luxury


The most obvious perk of living on an island is the beautiful beaches, and the beaches in Barbados are everything - sandy coves, craggy cliffs, glassy waters, churning waves - everything. But, if there is any doubt that Barbados ticks all the boxes when it comes to beachfront living, then let us introduce you to some of our favourite coastal spots that may very well be the future location of your home sweet home.

Explore Spring in Barbados

Posted on Fri March 10, 2017 | By Terra Luxury

Spring, Polo and Dining

The winter season has taken lovers of Barbados on a fun filled journey from the historic raceday at the Garrison Savannah to the legendary grounds of Kensington Oval. But, as spring approaches, Barbados blossoms to its prime offering a lively cocktail of its staple beautiful beaches, and a hearty dash of exciting polo action and sumptuous plantation-style dinners.

Island Welcomes First International Tour for 2017

Posted on Mon February 27, 2017 | By Terra Luxury

Barbados Polo Season 2017

Posted on Mon February 27, 2017 | By Terra Luxury


The Barbados Sandy Lane Gold Cup 2017

Posted on Mon February 27, 2017 | By Terra Luxury

Barbados: An Island of Golf

Posted on Fri September 02, 2016 | By Terra Luxury

To hear the words Barbados, birdie and eagle in the same sentence may seem odd but mundane; but, to the pert ears of those in-tune with the sport, it undoubtedly screams golf. Beyond the bewitching beaches that coerce you to stay waterside when in Barbados, there is another world lying in wait that presents grandiose greens, fantastic fairways and pesky bunkers. There isn’t a truer case of this than on the western seaboard in the parish of St. James, where tee time is any time at three of the most prestigious golf spots on the island - Sandy Lane, Royal Westmoreland and Apes Hill.

Lewis Hamilton takes centre stage for Barbados Festival of Speed

Posted on Mon May 30, 2016 | By Terra Luxury


Racing fans have long hailed Barbados as THE premier destination for the ultimate race experience. The sun, sea and sand make it the perfect holiday destination for the family, while the exciting off-road and islandwide rally events keep the racing enthusiasts energized with thrills, spills and lots of action. With the recent completion of the world class circuit at Bushy Park and the highly publicized addition of internationally acclaimed events such as the Top Gear Festival, Race of Champions and Global Rally Cross, the island can definitely congratulate itself for bringing the world of racing to a whole new cross-section of visitors. (Sun-worshippers and golf enthusiasts, we’re talking to you!)  This is the adrenalin rush you never knew you needed!

A Polo Night to Remember in Barbados

Posted on Fri May 27, 2016 | By Terra Luxury


When you settle into life in Barbados, or pop-over for a holiday visit, expect many luxurious one-of-a-kind events to spring up. One of our favourites is Polo Under the Stars, hosted by Apes Hill Polo Club. It’s a smashing lit-up evening where visitors and residents come out in their finest to watch local and international polo players battle it out for a win. It’s a fantastic VIP evening — cocktails, live music and other VIP perks such as a 3-course dinner and a cigar lounge create a charming atmosphere unlike any other. Check out the action in this 2-minute video.

Barbados festival of Speed - Dinner with Lewis Hamilton

Posted on Wed May 04, 2016 | By Terra Luxury
Lewis Hamilton will be back in Barbados again!

Formula 1 fans have the unique opportunity to dine with three-time F1 driver, Lemis Hamilton at this year’s Barbados Festival of Speed.

Barbados Polo

Posted on Tue March 15, 2016 | By Terra Luxury
Cheshire Polo Tour

Barbados is well-known for its polo events and polo communities with a seasoned programme of tournaments spanning January through to April. For instance, Apes Hill Club is a highly sought-after community which features many luxury properties for sales and rent with the convenience of nearby polo and golf amenities. One of the recent polo highlights in Barbados was the UNNA and ICBL Cheshire Polo Tour.