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The History of The West

Fustic House - St Lucy

Calm waters, picturesque beaches and some of the finest luxury homes line the shores of Barbados’ Platinum Coast.  Here’s a quick look at how ‘the west’ came to have the reputation of ‘where the rich and famous reside.’

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Be Amazed by Aurora

An exquisite Larry Warren design, Aurora is located on an extremely desirable lot within the exclusive Sandy Lane Estate on the West Coast of the island. 


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The Barbados Sandy Lane Gold Cup 2017

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Sandy Lane: Exclusive Luxury in Barbados

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For discerning investors looking to lay down their roots in Barbados, one of the ultimate ‘zip codes’ would be the Sandy Lane Estate.  Quiet and serene, exclusively private and centrally located along the Platinum Coast of the West, these homes are the epitome of island luxury.



What began as the brainchild of Sir Ronald Tree, a British politician who built the wonderfully Palladian home of Heron Bay (now famously owned by Lord and Lady Bamford), is now one of the most sought after pieces of real estate in the Caribbean. When Sir Ronald established the Sandy Lane Hotel in 1961 he was ‘protecting’ his much beloved West Coast neighbourhood from the inevitable influx of travelers that the new jet-set age would bring to our shores. He secured the 375 acres of the Sandy Lane Sugar Plantation for his development of a luxury upscale hotel and exclusive residential community with a private golf course.  His legacy has weathered every economic challenge over the past 55 years and the Sandy Lane Hotel and homes in the estate have remained iconic symbols of wealth and status, attracting visitors and investors from all over the world who dream of owning the ultimate Caribbean address.

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Sandy Lane - Illustrious Caribbean Address

In February 1961 and with just 52 rooms, the Sandy Lane Hotel opened its doors to welcome its first guests. The establishment of the hotel was the brainchild of Sir Ronald Tree, a British politician who built a magnificent Palladian home on 20 acres on the West Coast known as Heron Bay. Cognisant of the burgeoning travel numbers to the Caribbean enabled by the jet age, Sir Ronald was concerned that his beloved Heron Bay would soon be surrounded by flashy resorts and middle-income retirees. His vision was to pre-empt this by establishing a luxury hotel and community with a golf course, and he determined that the Sandy Lane sugar plantation was the ideal location. Permission was sought from then Prime Minister Sir Grantley Adams to convert the estate out of sugar production into a building estate and to relocate the main highway that ran directly through what eventually became the main restaurant and bar. With financing arranged out of the UK, Sir Ronald and his colleagues (including names like Rothschild and Kindersley) formed the development company West Coast Limited. They purchased the estate from the Barbados Shipping & Trading and the hotel broke ground in mid-1958.

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